Online casinos are Web based casinos. While they may not include bars and cocktails, the online casinos have established themselves as potential alternatives with a variety of great casino games included.

To begin with, you will need to find a suitable casino. There are a number of possible casinos for you to consider. The likes of William Hill and Ladbrokes are two well-established bookies with such casinos available. The Ladbrokes casino has hundreds of casino games, including table, card, slot and arcade games. In addition to this, you can also play a number of the games with free play without the need to register first. Visit the Ladbrokes casino, where you can register with them.

The William Hill Casino club also has hundreds of games. With casino games such as Roulette, Craps and Blackjack amongst numerous arcade and slot games. To play at the William Hill Casino, you have to download their Casino software. The casino also has a bonus £30 deposit.

The Littlewoods online casino is another worth noting. This casino has some good promotions and tournaments, along with some original casino and slot games. Littlewoods also requires that software be downloaded and installed to play their casino games.

Aside from these, Betfair have also established a particularly good value casino. Generally, the Betfair odds and house edge are more favourable than casinos such as Ladbrokes. They include a zero lounge, which actually removes the house edge. As an example, games such as Roulette and no zero included. Other games included are the likes of Blackjack, Baccarat and Jacks or better. In addition, Poker is also included alongside these games. To register with them, visit the Betfair website.

Most online casinos will likely include a variety of games with variable house edges. As mentioned, the likes of Roulette are usually included, while Poker has also emerged as a good casino game. Most games may have table limits with maximum and minimum bets of some description, such as Roulette, in addition with further table options.

In addition to this, some may also have various offers and promotions. As mentioned, William Hill has a bonus deposit. While other casinos, such as Ladbrokes also have similar starter bonuses for those that register with them. So, also consider any potential bonuses available with the various casinos.

When you have found a suitable casino then you will need to register with them. While registration can vary between the casinos, you will likely need a credit card and e-mail address along with user name, or a nickname of some sort. These should then be submitted, alongside other details such as a password to register with them. Just remember, that you also need to be 18+ to register with a casino. When complete, you can start to play at the casino.

Overall, such Web based casinos as Ladbrokes, William Hill, Littlewoods and Betfair are recommended online casinos. With a variety of games, offers and promotions, you will not greatly miss the casino bar!

By Gen Wright
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