Today, online casinos have become an accepted and popular alternative to playing your favourite casino game in a land based establishment. Every year online casinos continue to improve their product as computer and internet technology also improves. As the online casino popularity has also gone up so has the number of online casinos. Combining technology with the online casino has brought some options to players that weren’t available before in their brick and mortar counterparts. Generally, you can expect to find three types of online casinos today.

One type of a casino is web based. This means that in order to play the games featured at the site, the player would need to log into the site. The actual play would occur on the interface provide at the specific online casino site. There are some pluses to using this sort of online casinos. Nothing has to be downloaded onto your computer. These web based casinos are run typically with plug-ins that are normally already installed on your computer. These plug-ins might include Java, Shockwave or Flash. If you do not have these plug-ins, most sites provide easy information on how to install them for free.

A second kind of online casino would require special software specific to that online casino site. This software is proprietary property of the online casino. It can only be used for gambling at their casino. The online casino would provide a link from which to download the software. Most of these sites are secure and provide a virus free download. If you are sceptical of this, you are welcome to scan the downloaded file yourself prior to installation. However, this is not necessary. The beauty of this online casino type is that it normally operates quicker since the files are found on your computer rather than a server.

Live casinos are the third sort of online casino you will find on the web. This casino type allows players to interact with other players online or even players in land-based casinos. This would of course be the primary advantage of choosing this sort of online casino over others.

By Hollie Wilcox
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