Classic slots icons occupy a special section in the hearts of many online casino members.

Classic reel pictures like sevens and bars evoke images of a special time in the evolution of fruit machines when casino games were classic affairs with fewer reel columns and simple bonus games. The fruit machine has evolved a tremendous amount since those days, but it’s a fact that even the most cutting-edge online casino player has occasionally pined for a traditional fruit reel image every once in a while.

Thankfully, there are a portfolio of free online fruit machines that offer online slots players a chance to take part in a spot of pleasant nostalgia. The free online slots are completely free. Online casino players can play for payouts if they want, but the upcoming games can also be played without spending a pound coin.

To begin with, Bana-rama Deluxe is a thrilling, five-payline slot which takes fans on a journey to a beach paradise. Classic symbols are in grand supply in this free fruit machine title so keep your eyes peeled for plums. Be aware though as the monkey mascots don’t like sharing their fruity stash!

Another title in the free online fruit machine collection is Vacation USA. This game takes you on a thrilling tour of our transatlantic neighbour and gives a whole new spin on a selection of classic reel symbols. In Vacation USA slots, cherries are used to highlight Oregon, while apples stand in for the U.S capital and pineapples appear in the place of Hawaii.

Head over to the Arabian Riches slots game and get familiar with a selection of old reel icons. Sevens, single bars, double bars and magic lamps all star on the free online fruit machine inspired by a grand temple.

There are a collection of thrilling free online slots so choose to play one from an online casino and prepare yourself for some good old-fashioned online slots excitements.

By Marcus Miles
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