Online casinos give players a wide choice of games. Casino titles like poker and online slots can be enjoyed at these online casinos. Many online casinos also have a number of titles which include special bonuses and extra chances for gamers to win. Many of these games with bonus rounds are only available in online casinos.

Online casino fruit machines

There are dozens of online casino fruit machines. These online casino slots can be inspired by famous bricks-and-mortar slot machines. However, many of these games can only be played at online casinos such as Kerching. Games like Battleship and Dungeons and Dragons are online casino exclusives. Internet fruit machines such as these are often played because they offer gamers unique extra features which may not be available in land-based casino titles. Battleship is the newest fruit machine at Kerching Casino. It gives gamers the exciting bonus game, ‘Sink The Fleet’. Online casino players fire missiles into an 8×8 square grid in the aim of hitting an enemy frigate. If players destroy the whole enemy fleet with less than eight torpedoes they are given 16,000 credits.

nline casino blackjack

Online casino blackjack is a popular game. There are a variety of different blackjack games on offer. Some online casino blackjack titles have unique bonuses. Double Attack Blackjack gives players to bet an additional wager after seeing The House’s first card. In the online casino blackjack game, Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus, gamers are awarded further prizes for consecutive wins.

Online casino roulette

There are a number of online roulette titles on offer. Gamers can enjoy a variety of classic roulette games as well as a collection of internet-only titles. These online roulette titles have unique bonuses and features which can allow an online casino gamer more opportunities to win. 3 Wheel Roulette is one of these games. It has three wheels. This game gives players the opportunity to win many times on one spin. Roulette with Hot Streak Bonus awards players more payouts for every consecutive win.

By Marcus Miles
Marcus Miles is a writer for Kerching Casino. An amateur gamer, based in Manchester, United Kingdom, he has been writing about gaming-related issues for over ten years, having started his career writing about gaming in the editorial department of a regional poker magazine in Liverpool.