This week, the destiny of online gambling including online casino and sports betting sites will be decided. However, no matter what Gov. Chris Christie’s decision will be, there are some other states in the US that are making their move to online gambling legalization. The state of Florida is also considering legalization that will partly permit online gambling, while Virginia may totally ban the same.

The state of Florida may possibly begin its invasion into online gambling with poker. A news report from Daytona Beach News Journal said that legalization of the intrastate online poker could possibly be as early as July 1, 2011. What seems to be its main objective is that legislators want to stop the budget deficit of $4 billion. The one who proposes the bill is a Democrat from Wellington, it is the state Rep. Joseph Abaruzzo. “We want to legalize it, regulate it and bring the revenue to Florida. To me it’s common sense to protect our players.”, Abaruzzo said to the Daytona Beach News Journal.

In the next session of the state congress that will start on March 8, said bill will be discussed. The plan is to put forward a proposition authorizing race tracks and jaio – alai frontons to build entries that will permit players to play online poker against others in the state. The bill visualize up to three operators to act with the act with the states’ 23 pari mutuels and give way for online poker. Online betting on dog and horse racing are also being pursued on the bill. Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room is one of the pari-mutuels under review. “I think it’ll help take Internet players and try to convert them into brick-and-mortar players. You always have a question when people are playing online for money. How do you know they’re paying if it isn’t regulated?” said by its manager, Daniel Francati. Jamie Hinks at the Calvin Ayre website doesn’t believe that authorizing online poker will bring players back to land based casinos. However, he stated that if New Jersey withdraw from legalizing online gambling, then probably Florida may be the first US state to permit online poker.

Meanwhile, Virginia is heading towards the direction of the state of Washington. The propsosal’s architect is Clifford L. Athey Jr. The bill outlaw all forms of gambling which includes lotteries, sweepstakes style action at internet cafes, online casino sites and online poker rooms. The bill has just ceased short of enforcing a Washington state style ban on the actual players. The bill has passed the General Assembly. State Senator Obenshain and Delegate Oder have introduced companion bills that will permit restaurants to offer online time and games that do not involve any forms of gambling. If ever the bill will become a law, enforcement agencies will be enstablished to pursue criminal charges against the owners of any establishments that offer online gambling including those that are trying to use loopholes in existing laws.

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