Online casinos have become a fun way or rather a technology savvy way to garb up some fun. These Internet versions of casinos are becoming increasingly popular amidst gamblers. Head to one of these online casinos and you have several games to play. Poker, blackjack, roulette, slots are some options that you have. Out of all these options, blackjack is the best pick.

Why blackjack?

The simple fact that the odds in blackjack are higher as compared to other games makes it the hottest pick. While most games give the house an advantage of as high as 20% over the player, blackjack offers a mere 1.5%. This one is perhaps the only game that can make you break even if not filthy rich.

Another reason, why you should go in for this game is that while most online casino games are driven by sheer luck and fate, blackjack makes some place for strategy. If you are smart enough to master this strategy then you sure have a lot of advantage in the game.

How the strategy works?

There is absolutely no point in beating around the bush and saying that the strategy is 100% sure and foolproof. This basic strategy simply evaluates the probabilities involved in the game and gives you the best odds possible. The strategy simply guides you to the move that you should make based on your current hand in comparison with the dealer.

The strategy

The strategy simply rests on the certain total of two cards in your possession along with the dealer’s show card number. Depending upon these numbers there are certain fixed moves that you need to make. If the total of your two cards is

5,6,7 or 8- Hit. Don’t consider the dealer’s card at all.

9- If the dealer’s show card is anywhere between 3 to 6, double your bet. Else simply hit.

10,11- if you dealer’s show card has a two through nine, the double the bet, otherwise hit.

12 – If the dealer has a 4,5 or 6 the stand. If the card shows 2, 3 or 7 and above hit.

13,14, 15,16 – Stand in case the dealer has a two through six. If the Dealer has 7 and above hit.

17 and above- Stand.

Be hands on with the strategy

Knowing the strategy alone is not sufficient. You need to practice it too if you seek to have an advantage in the game with the strategy. Study the strategy over and over again. You would obviously not want to be thinking your strategy or memorizing the moves when you are at the game. Keep on practicing till the time the play becomes second nature.


Losing your concentration is the easiest thing that you can do while you are playing the game. This strategy will prove to be of no help if you could not concentrate. Avoid being carried over by excitement and thrill of the game and take your decisions with a calm mind in the game of blackjack. Keep your focus intact in the online casino game and believe in your strategy.

By charle chamblne
There are so many online casinos that offer opportunities to relax, play games and even earn money prizes. You need to master a few tricks that will help you achieve all of the above from the online casino of your choice.