Websites offering online brain games had proliferated on the Internet. Majority of the websites offer brain games of various types that include memory games, riddles, mathematical games, strategy games, mnemonics, optical illusions, trivia, and mind teasers. In these categories, memory games, mathematical games, riddles, strategy games, and mind teasers are not only highly popular but also train the brain to increase its power and develop capabilities that we never expected to exist before.

The most famous online brain games that are widely used by people to enhance their mental power include Chinese Checkers, Sudoku, Counterfeit, Crime Scene, MineHunter, Chess, Guess the Flag, Mahjongg Solitaire, and Mastercards. However, many websites offer brain games in different categories like puzzle games, fun games, word games, board games, and solitaire games. Any person using a computer would be familiar with the games in the games section of Windows, such as Solitaire, Free Cell, Hearts, Pinball, Internet Backgammon, Internet Hearts, Internet Spades, and Internet Checkers. All of them are classified under solitaire games, since you play them alone. Other solitaire games like Spider, Golf, Cricket, and Pyramid are also offered by many online brain games websites.

Word games are quite popular not only among children but even among adults who wish to expand their vocabulary. Flip Words, Find Words, Word Game, Letter Rip, Topic Tangle, Random IQ Test, and similar other variations of word games are available online to enhance your word power and language knowledge. Some of the popular board games are Checkers, Scrabble, Battleships, Four in a Row, etc.

Puzzle games that are enjoyed by persons playing online brain games are named differently such as Bejeweled 2, Bubble Puzzle, Carnival Jackpot, Cube, Hare and Hounds, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mahjongg, Maze Games, Mines, Rush Hour, Topsy Turvy, Trouble Bubbles, etc. Pure fun games that are available with online brain games providers are Castles, Club Pogo, Radical Pong, Sheep Game, Space Invaders, etc. Most of the online brain games offered by the various websites are either the same or highly similar with minor variations but the names provided to them would vary from website to website, so that individuality is maintained.

Mnemonics are learning aids and tools for improving memory power of the mind. Mnemonics would normally be special words or short poems so that a person could remember about a particular item but they could also be auditory, kinesthetic or visual. Mnemonics are based on the principle that human brain could remember personal, intriguing, humorous, sexual, spatial, and other such items closely related to the day-to-day life than arbitrary information or sequences. People are said to have two kinds of memories. One is an inborn memory, termed as natural memory. This is the memory that is used by us in our daily life, without even thinking too much about it or paying it adequate attention. The other one is artificial memory that is acquired through the learning process and by the practice of various types of mnemonic techniques. This memory differentiates people with high IQs from those with low IQs. As such, mnemonics is a very powerful tool and is used extensively in all online brain games as the underlying principle.

By Clifton Flack
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