Blackjack is a popular game that many play nowadays in online casinos. Many find this game appealing because first of all it is a fairly simple game to understand without many intricate rules that some others have. Secondly, this game provides a bit of strategy on the part of the player.

When playing blackjack, the object of the game is to obtain a card hand that totals up to 21 without going over. When this occurs (going over 21) it is known as busting. Unlike some other casino games, in blackjack you play against the dealer, who may be also referred to as the house. In order to win you hand must be better than the dealer’s hand. Of course, you cannot bust by exceeding 21. Other players at the table may also win if their hand beats the dealer. However, if they win or not will have no bearing on your game.

In blackjack, certain cards have assigned values. Cards that are numbered anywhere from 2 to 9 are worth the same amount of points as the number on the card. For instance, if the dealer deals you a 4, that is worth 4 points. There are four cards in blackjack that are all worth 10 points each. These cards would include the face cards of jack, queen and king as well as the 10. That leaves the ace. The ace is a versatile card because it can count one of two ways. It may be used as a one or an 11. This is helpful to players because its value can change as the deal gives you an additional card.

To begin playing a hand of blackjack, you must first place your bet on the table. After all bets have been placed, the dealer will deal each player participating two cards. The cards dealt to the players are always dealt face up. However, when the dealer deals himself his two cards, only one card is placed faced up while the other remained down. Players must then decide what they want to do prior to obtaining more cards. There are many choices that make this game quite exciting.

By Hollie Wilcox
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