Blackjack is a very popular game of gambling which is also called 21 or Pontoon. This game is played in different parts of the world and has a huge fan following. This game was also introduced in the online casino gaming world and has gained a lot of popularity out there as well. There are numerous websites where you can enjoy the game of live blackjack; however, you have to be really careful while selecting a particular website to play since with the increase in the number of websites there also has been a increase in the number of the scammers. Some of the dos and don’ts which will help you to experience a enjoyable gaming session are mentioned below-


It is very important for you to read all the information which is provided on the website. Go through all the terms and conditions of the website and make sure you understand them completely before you start with the actual cash games.

Check the traffic rating of the website and make sure that you are playing with a popular website.

Read the comments and blogs related to the website posted by the previous players. This will help you find out whether the website is genuine enough or not. If possible try to find out reviews which have information related to payment structure of the website.

Make sure that which ever website you are choosing should be very user-friendly and finding information should not be hectic.

Read the FAQ section of the website and try to get as much information as you can get.


Never create an account with an unregistered website. The chances of the website being a part of the scam are very high if the website is not registered.

Always play according to the convenience of your budget. Do not play with huge amounts which you think you can not afford.

Blackjack is a game of gambling so it is very important for you to play it sensibly. You should never get over-confident and put huge amount of money or property on stake.

Do not get addicted to the game since it is very dangerous and can cause severe losses such as bankruptcy. Play the game with full control and conviction.

Do not get into a game if you are not sure of the rules and terms involved in the game. Proper knowledge of the rules and strategies is very important for you to be successful in the game of blackjack.

By Bradley Daman
The author loves to play any kind of live casino games especially the version of live blackjack you can only find online.