With advancements in technology, newer versions of bingo room are being introduced for a better gaming and on line entertainment. Software providers like cozy games are reaching new heights by launching a brand new, never before speed bingo the 30 ball bingo! Now, playing online bingo has become faster. If you want bingo variety, the right place to look for is the 30 ball! The calls are speed which makes the game end quickly giving it the name of speed bingo.

With a grid of a 3X3, 9 squares, calls ranging from 1-30, the game finishes so fast that you will not know when it did. Unlike the slow and moderate games like 90, 75 or the 80 ball bingo, the calls in the speed bingo are faster. The card purchase in the speed bingo is as simple as the other bingo rooms. In the speed bingo, each card has 3 columns and 3 rows. The first column has numbers from 1-10, the second column has 11-20 and the third column has 21-30 numbers. The number once occupied in the first column in the speed bingo will not be repeated again. The winning pattern in the speed bingo is a single Full House. In future, a variety of patterns may be introduced in the speed bingo. The card price is currently 5p and 10p. You can purchase cards either with bonus bucks or with real money. The calls are generated quickly giving you about 17 games per hour and each game lasts for 3 and half minutes including the purchase time. With this kind of a bingo variety you will have more games in less time helping you get the best you can expect from a bingo.

Many bingo players all over the world are now getting attracted to the 30 ball speed bingo as there is always a way to win either the full house or the 1tgoes. With the increasing number of 1tg winners, the chat rooms in the speed bingo are getting busier with more players than what we find in the 90 bingo rooms.. The probability of winning the PJP in the speed bingo is also higher in comparison with 75, 80 or the 90 ball bingo. You can hit the PJP if you bingo with in 9 calls.

With this kind of variety in bingo, you get unlimited fun with unlimited excitement. With the fast calling in the speed bingo, the racing of heart beats while getting closer to the winning gives a thrilling experience that you may not find any where else. The 30 ball speed bingo is available at Gone Bingo. So log on to the speed bingo and have an aggressive game of unlimited fun in less time.

By Ethel
I am an avid bingo player and have been playing since the past 2 years.