Since the introduction of online bingo, many different people of age, sex and religion have enjoyed the game, but there are a few things you need to know if you are interested in playing online bingo.

Bingo is classed as a form of gambling and is regulated by the government under the Gaming Act 1968. Any person under 18 is not allowed to play online bingo in the UK, and bingo websites are strict about this law to ensure fair gaming for those 18 and over who enjoy the game of bingo.

In UK law, cash bingo is seen as a commercial activity and can only take place on a licensed premise, with the players taking part on that premise at the time of a game taking place.

Online bingo on the other hand is not governed by UK law, as the internet is global and very difficult to govern and regulate which means any players in the UK and worldwide are able to play the game, avoiding such legislation problems.

Each online bingo website will have its own set of rules and regulations, and before registering with any website, be sure to read and understand any terms and conditions they may provide.

Online bingo is now seen as the most popular online game in the UK, and some websites speculate that over £600 million is spent every year on bingo gaming cards, so knowing the rules and regulations can be essential for player in order for you to get those all important cash payouts.

Even though bingo is technically classed as gambling in the UK, many people feel it is more recreational and a leisure activity, so there is nothing illegal and anything to worry about if you are interested in playing online bingo on a regular basis, but as everyone else warns, just do it within your means and be responsible.

By John Grant
Depending on the prize, is bingo classed as gambling. For example, bingo has been played in schools in revious years for fun and not for any financial gain. Online bingo however, is different as you are playing with a company and also with other players for the purpose of winning cash.