What is causing the surge in popularity of on line Bingo and in particular its appeal among the older population? Research conducted by on line gaming companies has attempted to examine the factors which motivate older adults to play bingo. Results found that many adults are becoming increasingly aware of the beneficial effects of playing bingo, aside from sheer enjoyment. So is this the reason that our aging population are taking up the game?

In the preface of the Second Edition of The Graying of America: An Encyclopedia of Aging, Health, Mind and Behavior, published in 2001, Donald H. Kausler and Barry C. Kausler stated that “playing bingo, long considered to be simply a recreational pastime for senior citizens, may actually train elderly players to improve their attentional skills”.

A study of bingo in 2002 conducted by Julie Winstone from the Center for Visual Cognition at Southampton University’s Psychology Department revealed that the game of bingo can advance the speed and precision of short-term memory and actually aids in countering some aging effects. Examinations proved that those who play bingo regularly show higher concentration abilities and a higher level of short-term memory than individuals that complete crosswords or play backgammon, chess and bridge.

Research has also been conducted into a game called Memory Bingo and its function in Dementia, a psychiatric condition characterized by the decline of intellectual faculties, such as concentration and memory. Memory Bingo uses the same concept as bingo, only words are called instead of numbers. Each Bingo card has words on it that complete familiar sayings. Memory Bingo provides long term stimulation of memory, allows for reminiscence, and utilizes reading skills. Such activities also provide the participants with a feeling of success and accomplishment, therefore, increasing their self-esteem.

Currently 1 in 4 online bingo players are above the age of 50. Clearly the older players are taking to the new opportunities that on line Bingo presents and they cite 3 main reasons when asked what motivates them to play bingo: The first is that playing Bingo helps them maintains their memory skills. The second reason cited is that playing Bingo helps to improve their powers of concentration. The third reason given is not perhaps as surprising; this is that being part of the on line Bingo community allows them the chance to socialize with friends and presents them with the opportunity of meeting new people. For those with health problems or who are housebound and therefore unable to get out to the Bingo Hall on line Bingo provides the perfect opportunity to play in the comfort and safety of their own surrounding.

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By Sally Crown
Sally crown writes for Bingo Deposit Bonus about gambling issues and news. She also reviews many bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo and Wink Bingo to show players where to get the best bingo deals.