Bingo has evolved over time and has become a game that is played all over the world. While its earliest origins are lost in the mists of time, an early Italian lottery called the’Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia ‘, which was played around 1530AD is most often attributed as the basis of our modern bingo game. Unlike today while many religious organizations sponsor bingo games regularly, the church at that time considered it an abomination and a certain work of the ever creative devil. As these things often work this fact become one of the main reasons for the initial popularity of this quasi gambling game.

When the game hit the new world in the early 18th century it was used as a popular country fair game, called Beano the wagering aspect was emphasized making a reasonable amount of profit for these early carnies. Around 1920 a god fearing man named Edwin Lowe noticed the incredible draw that a game of Beano had at a local county fair. Lowe having a head for good business instantly realized the potential of this game as a source of income for his little church. So began the reformation of the game. Bingo spread throughout the country like wildfire, often as the primary income source of many a denomination. Even after almost 100 years Bingo is enjoyed almost everywhere all over the globe.

Much fun can be had at these social events, and Bingo in its modern form attracts a true cross section of the community cutting across age and income barriers, in every way a positive experience. In addition to conventional Bingo today there exists a growing online Bingo community. Bingo online can be played from anywhere the Internet exists, and mirrors the social interaction that is often important in land based bingo. Bingo currently provides recreation for thousands worldwide ensuring the future of this classic game well into the next century. Online Bingo can be a true high end gambling game, with online revenues often quoted in excess of ten million dollars. This has gotten the attention of professional gamblers worldwide. While the picture of hard core gamblers playing Bingo has an amusing element, this has become a reality and reports are that profits often exceed the conventional online gambling venues.

As usual Grandma is correct; Bingo is an excellent way of spending an evening with friends and family, with the added excitement of possibly coming home with considerable winnings.

By stickystebee