It has been millions of years in the making but the Noah’s Ark slots game are finally here. Now, online casino gamers can come aboard and enjoy the game that everybody has been chatting about.

The Noah’s Ark slots game is a massive hit in The States so it’s amazing to watch it come aboard these shores. Its launch in online casinos proves the popularity in bringing bricks-and-mortar favourites to the internet.

It’s not a lie to state that the Noah’s Ark slot machine is full up with with fantastic online casino features. We look at a triplet that we believe will get the attention of every online slots players.

The Split Symbols feature gain their star billing on the Noah’s Ark slots title.To sum it up, a slot can feature two icons rather than the single one. If you factor in the are a full five reels of entertainment, this means it is possible to get up to ten reel symbols on a single payline. Think of the online casino winning!

The Noah’s Ark slots creature symbols are incredible in their own right. A thrilling animated design runs throughout the online casino game and nowhere is this more apparent than on the reel images. Wild hippos, cheerful tortoises and plump elephants are all common sights on the online casino lines, which makes the Noah’s Ark slot machine much more welcoming than your normal online slots machine.

The Noah’s Ark slots title features an impressive free goes bonus which is certain to make a big splash with online casino members. Five dove symbols on the middle columns activates this thrilling bonus round, in which every special symbol is even more lucrative. As online casino members can guess, it means that the Noah’s Ark slots game is everything but a wet let down.

By Marcus Miles
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