There is no casino game that can even come close to the thrill of a hot craps table. Screaming players, and shocked bystanders all watching dumbstruck as fortunes are made and lost every roll of the dice. But if you have ever thought about playing this casino favorite over the Internet you’re probably unsure if that indescribable quality, that magic, is carried over to the digital medium. And in its absence, how do players justify gambling real money over the internet in bland one-dimensional games?

There is no denying that playing craps online can be a blast, but generally speaking it cannot compare to playing in a live casino game. Online craps is missing the game’s great sensory appeal, and there is one big reason players keep betting their hard earned money on the roll of digital dice. The reason thousands of people the world over come home from work and sit down at their own personal, electronic craps table every day can be summed up in one word. Control. Playing in a docile environment, unlike that found at a casino, allows players to focus. When there aren’t hundreds of half dressed drink girls and high-pressure dealers in every direction you can use your knowledge effectively. When the other players at a table aren’t pressuring and crowding you, you are free to make the best decisions possible.

The most experienced craps the players the world over can enjoy the game online, but it is the newest players who will get the most out of it. By playing your first few craps games on the internet you can learn the rules without slowing down the game for everyone else or putting your bank roll at stake. One of the biggest differences concerning what is required of you, is that in an online game you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules or defying any etiquette. More than most casino games, the house has to watch every move you make in case you want to swap in loaded dice or engage in pass posting. Add to this the sensitivities of the more superstitious players at the table and new players are uncomfortable saying or doing anything in fear that anyone might be offended or suspicious of them.

If you think you might be one of the many people who could truly benefit from playing craps online you should research things a little before jumping in. The time you put into researching your first casino will be paid back ten fold in avoiding malicious rouge casinos and finding one that really meets your needs. If you are unsure of where to start check out these online craps casino reviews.

By Jesus Guttierez
Jesus Guttierez has been reviewing casinos for decades, and has been famous for compiling his knowledge.