New online casinos often have good deals to attract new players. The reason for this is simple. New online casinos are looking for a share in the internet online casino gaming pie that’s in the billions of dollars. However, because these are new start ups, it not be the safest to play at these casinos because reputation has not been built and this can only be built over the years.

One of the main concerns is whether the casino will be able to pay out the winnings. Some rouge online casinos have been known to delay the player’s cash out, hoping that the player will continue playing and lose it back, which isn’t fair practice.

After all, if a casino pays out quickly and keeps the customers happy, they can expect a good word of mouth referrals, repeat players, which will drum up more business. And these days, news travels fast throught the internet, forums, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, MSN search engines.

In a way, its a chicken and egg scenario, how does a new online casino build its reputation starting from scratch and without an existing customer base?

A new online casino can piggy back on a sister casino. For example, if an existing online casino under the same management offers casino games, they can start a new online casino that offers poker. In this way, because both casinos are under the same management, the new online casino can piggy back from the reputation of the 1st one.

Also the new online casino can benefit from funds already generated by the older, more stable casino to help it sustain player winnings.

If you’re starting a brand new online casino from scratch, that’s always a challenge because the casino bank needs to have sufficient funds to pay the players winnings. Once the casino has sufficient turnover, things will start to get easier.

Of course, these days, when even Lehman Brothers and AIG can face financial difficulty, who knows what can happen to an online casino. While the lure of new online casinos with great bonuses may be attractive, I would recommend sticking with the older, more reputable casinos.

By Sherman Choo
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