Myths & Facts are not just surrounding online casinos and online gambling, nearly everything has myths and facts. How many times have you come across someone that says it’s God’s honest truth? These so called myths and facts exist purely because they make money one way or another.

Most people’s understanding of gambling is that it involves a form of risk taking. Players compete against each other as well as competing against machines, which most of the time the casinos have programmed to win. Online gambling is a rather new market; many people have fallen in love with online casinos but still do not completely understand how it works. For this reason there exists some doubt surrounding this new method of gambling. Below you will be taught how to separate the myths from the facts.

Myth – Gambling can make you money & is a way to make money
Truth – I think we all know it’s more likely that gambling is a way to lose money not make it. When you visit a Casino there is an abundance of entertainment and other staff to keep you happy, someone has to pay for these people! Keep that in mind the next time you go to a casino, and then if you are lucky enough to win anything you will feel far better because you will not have been expecting it.

Myth – There are people that know which side of the coin it will land on.
Truth – It doesn’t matter what came up the previous time the coin was flipped, the chances still remain at 50%, that is unless the coin has some defect that includes some sort of balancing tool!

Myth – Teenagers do not develop gambling addictions
Truth – In general due to the age restrictions of casinos, teenagers tend to do their gambling with friends in a house. Like with anything children tend to be more at risk when it comes to developing an addiction to something.

Myth – There are systems to winning the lottery
Truth – It does not matter how you pick your numbers, the chances you have of winning the lottery remain the same. The balls are all released into a drum and jumbled up, thus each ball have the same possibility of coming out. Your chances of winning the lottery if you buy a ticket remain at 1 in 13,983,816.

Myth – People who lose money after “losing streak” will win their money back.
Truth – With this myth all you have to do is think a little, casinos would not exist if every time you went into a casino to gamble you won your money back. The fact is that most gamblers lose far more money than they win in these places.

By Paul Robgher
In most cases a myth has a little truth in it; the idea had to come from somewhere. As these rumours tend to be spread by word of mouth they get more ridiculous as time goes by. The author of this article recommends Online Casino King for the best deals in online casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. There are also many more casino games for gamblers to enjoy, but remember to Gamble sensibly