The game of poker has changed throughout the history of its existence. As of today, the game of poker is played throughout the world especially the United States. The objective of the poker is to have a player with a higher hand wins the pot. There are no specific limits on how many players are eligible to play poker. There are different types of game that a player can choose. One is Texas hold’em, which each player gets two cards to begin with and the dealer places one card faced down and the next three faces up after each players make their bets. The first player can check without makinga bet, make a bet, or fold to be excluded from the round. Whoever makes the bet first forces every player to put the same amount or they can raise the initial amount. The player that has the best hand wins the pot. A player can win the hand by having a pair, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, full house, flush, or royal flush. Professional poker players are seen in the World Series poker game. The game of poker is based on probability and luck. Many people take advantages by joining a poker tournament to gain money.

Prior to joining a poker tournament, each participant has to put a certain amount of money thus can lose that amount. Most schools in the United States have banned such game because poker is considered to be a gambling sport. Schools believe such gambling sports inappropriate because it sends a negative impact towards young people. Also, such game would lead to argument and have parents complain about their kids losing money and allowing teachers to let the kids play such game. Some people choose to play poker online. Online poker is game being played online. Online poker gives players more chance to win at the tables they selected. Also, players do not have to worry about counting their chips or other delays. Playing poker online disables players to see their facial reaction or any movements that can be read; instead players look into the rate of speed. Online poker has significantly increased the popularity of poker tournaments. Poker can be played online or in person. Most gamblers play poker inside a casino. Technology has evolved the poker conception and it’s playing opportunity. The game of poker has been adjusted and added more types of poker game since the game of poker has been introduced to the world.

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