Poker is no doubt a very popular casino game and its popularity is increasing all the more due to the advancements in technology and television. According to many people, poker is a game that holds a lot of appeal to their instincts and challenges their skills. There are many famous poker players who have earned a fortune with this game. The ten most famous players ever are:

Full tilt poker: Erick Lindgren: He makes constant efforts to play a better poker game by observing his opponents very closely. The first major tournament of poker won by Erick was at Bellagio and since then this famous poker player has been playing at Full Tilt poker exclusively.

Chris Ferguson: Due to the special appearance of this poker player, people nicknamed him “Jesus”. For 18 straight years Chris Ferguson was enrolled at the UCLA, as a graduate for 5 years and as an undergraduate for 13 years. Even though he had to leave, he was given PhD in Computer science before leaving.

Howard Lederer: He is popular as the “professor” of poker. Howard is also a world champion chess player. Besides Howard, his sister Annie Duke is also a professional poker player and Ultimate Bet sponsors her.

Eric Seidel: He is also a famous poker player who has been a fan of the game. He found out about the poker game when he was playing backgammon with players like Howard Lederer. This famous player even tried becoming a Wall Street broker, but after the market crashed in 1987 he chose poker.

John Juanda: John Juanda a famous poker player tried his hands at many jobs including that of a door-to-door salesman for the Bible. He wanted to be a medical doctor, but took to the world of poker.

Jennifer Harman: She is a poker player popular for her involvement in high stake cash games. She belongs to the category of female poker players who turned pros. In Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2, Jennifer has a section related to playing Texas hold’em with fixed limit.

Phil Gordon: He became a popular poker player when he was placed on the 4th rank in 2002 in the WSOP. He won 400,000 dollars in this game. He has also done Binion’s Horseshoe analysis and written many books too.

Mike Matusow: He is popular by the name of ‘The Mouth” Matusow. He does not worry about creating a scene at the poker table while playing. He has also been imprisoned for some time due to drug involvement.

Ultimate bet: Antonio Esfandiari: He is primarily known as “The Magician”, a guy who loves to flare up to 8 chips in both his hands. When he plays poker he flaunts many chip and card tricks.

Annie Duke: She is Howard Lederer’s sister, well known for knocking her brother out in the multiple major multi table tournaments of poker, even in the World Series of Poker.

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