Slot machines are popular draws in casinos. They attract a variety of players from all walks of life. However, many slot machine players hold beliefs regarding slot machines that are actually false. Many of these myths centre on the ability to control the results of the slot machines. It is important to dispel these myths.

Many people believe that you can determine the odds of winning when you use a particular slot machine. They believe that you can simply count the symbols on the wheel and calculate the odds yourself. This is not true. The actual results of each spin occur as a result of a random number generator. The random number generator gives a number when the slot machine reels are spun. This number matches the symbols included in the reel. Even though you may think there are very few symbols on the reels so your odds must be good, this is false. You also need to factor in all of the different combinations that could result with these symbols. For instance, on a slot machine with three reels there may be 15 symbols. Even though there are merely fifteen symbols there are many more combinations. To determine the number of combinations, you would simply multiply the number of symbols on each reel as many times as there are reels. In this example, it would be 15 x 15 x 15 which would be the equivalent of 3,375. However, the odds are much greater than this. The random number generator actually has even more combinations which substantially increase the odds.

Many players believe that casinos have the ability to adjust the change of winning or in some cases losing on any given slot machine. This belief too is false. The computer chip contained within the slot machine actually determines this and cannot be reprogrammed. If a casino wants to change the odds, then they would need to replace the previous chip with a new one. Again this is definitely not as simple as it sounds. There is much regulation on the casino industry. Proper paperwork must be completed when a chip is changed. Not to mention the fact that these computer chips are quite expensive to purchase.

By Hollie Wilcox
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