Marketing Internet Bingo

In the UK and Europe internet bingo is wildly popular and now rivals online poker for the title of most popular online game. There are over 250 websites serving the UK market and during the past three years bingo providers have entered new markets in Europe and Scandinavia. Internet bingo has been a big hit in Sweden and in Spain internet bingo has attracted thousands of new players. Many industry experts say the market is saturated and competition within the bingo industry is keen. Online bingo providers have used a wide variety of marketing techniques to attract new players and retain established players. Bingo operators hope to build brand loyalty by offering new and established players with a wide variety of incentives. In the UK bingo providers are spending millions of pounds on television advertising. Americans visiting the UK are often astounded to see gambling advertisements on television. Ads for anything related to gambling are forbidden by federal law in the US.

In the UK ‘Foxy the fox’ is a familiar sight on TV promoting Foxy bingo. Foxy bingo has spent up to Ã

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