Have you ever participated in a sport and found other players lacking in basic decorum? Most activities have certain codes of etiquette that when mutually observed by all participants positively contribute to the sport. Casino slot machines are no exception to this. Next time you plan to partake in using a slot machine, remember some of these suggestions.

You might come upon a slot machine that you would like to play. However, you notice that a coin cup rests upon the machine. Or you might see a jacket spread across a chair. These are not overlooked items that have been left behind. Instead, these are ways players signal other players that the slot machine is in use. There are many reasons why a player would need to leave the slot machine. It could be something simple like needing to use the restroom or getting more change. When you come upon a situation like this, you should acknowledge what the missing gambler is telling you and instead find another slot machine to use. Additionally, if you are the player who must temporarily leave the machine, complete your errand as fast as you can. After all, it’s rude to hold up a machine for an extensive amount of time.

While playing more than one slot machine at a time is not prohibited, it is important to recognize when this is not advisable. For instance, when the casino is busy, one should avoid this practice and open up machines to other players. Also, on occasion, observers will take surrounding seats to watch another player, usually a friend. This prevents others from using the slot machines to which the chairs belong. Remember that the first order of business in a casino is gambling not socializing. So, please if another player wants to play the machine, vacate your seat.

If another player leaves an item at a slot machine, kindly place the article atop the slot machine. Usually the player will realize that they have left something behind and will return to the machine. These are just some simple ways that players can insure a pleasing environment with which to enjoy their sport.

By Greg Flavell
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