It was in 2003 when poker players all over the globe wanted to be like champion Chris Moneymaker. He won the World Series of Poker through betting $39 in an online virtual poker game. This spurned poker enthusiasts to go to their computer and recapture the same fate that Chris Moneymaker accomplished.

You would think that Chris Moneymaker’s achievement was a onetime deal, but the same thing happened to gaming champ Greg Raymer. Dubbed in the poker world as Fossilman, he was able to pull off what Chris Moneymaker did in 2004 at the same championship game.

So, there is really a big chance for making money online poker as Raymer also got his ticket to earn millions by beating everyone at an online poker tournament.

It is inspiring for online poker enthusiasts to know that in the World Series Poker, the 10 finishers came from a an online poker site.

Once you have started the routine of making money online poker, you don’t stop. Even Chris Moneymaker revealed that inspite his deals, book launches and his pro poker player label, he still goes to making money through online poker sites and play. It is pretty exciting if you think that someone like you can come and compete at a virtual online poker table where Chris Moneymaker or Greg “Fossilman” Raymer is playing.

There are also ordinary poker players that you will encounter in the game. These players are typically and generally classified as low-stakes gamers. Players considered low stakes gamers are those poker gamblers that have yet to win big in a game. Some people hardly break even in their winnings and some admit to losing all the money they have wagered, but these people still enjoy the game and the money spent playing is considered money well spent. For the entertainment and relaxation derived from online poker, you can say that losing a few hundred dollars is truly money well spent.

Television and legitimate networks have helped boost the popularity of online poker sites.

Poker tournaments can be regularly seen in primetime schedules of networks like Bravo and even the Travel Channel. In turn, this inspires what is estimated to be two million people playing online.

As much as people enjoy watching poker games on TV, they also want to enjoy playing it, which is what making money online poker sites are there for. So do your best to be good at poker and you might be the next Mioneymaker transitioning from online gambling to becoming a pro poker superstar! Good luck with that!

By Jerry Gaitan
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