Walk into any crowded casino and even with your eyes covered, you know exactly what direction the craps table is, especially if the dice are ‘Hot’. The excitement and cheers are the most contagious elements on any casino floor.

It’s simple, when the dice are ‘Hot’, craps just reel them in. You can’t help but stand and stare, wanting a piece of the action for yourself. You imagine clasping your hand around those magical dice, lightly blowing, or perhaps a prep talk, then letting them roll.

They land in your favor and the crowd erupts into frenzy, all cheering you on for the next roll.

On the other side of the spectrum, nothing is as quiet on the casino floor as a craps table when the dice go’ Cold’.

Online craps appears no different. It can be just as exciting as the real thing. If you want to
play craps

Just like many other casino games, craps come with its fair share of entertaining superstitions. Whether they work or not, entirely depend on the shooters perspective. Here are the top five most popular superstitions for craps.

1. Never be the first at a table or the only player
2. Don’t talk or touch the shooter, while in the middle of a good roll.
3. Yelling out “Seven!” will no doubt clear the table, the word is considered unspeakable.
4. Some players consider it bad luck to change the dice in the middle of a roll.
5. First time players who are female (sometimes referred to as “Female virgins are hot”) are thought to be lucky.

Superstitious or not, it is a fact that craps is the fastest moving table on the casino floor. Most will agree it is the most exciting and exhilarating table around. Whether you are a seasoned ‘straight shooter’, or someone who just wants to give it a go, there are many strategies and tips available to help you gain an edge.

Lady Luck Online

So, thinking of taking on the craps table? If it’s your first time, you may just want to start by reviewing the basics. For an even better first time experience, why not try it for free? There are online craps who offer you free play to develop skills and get a feel for it.

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