The lottery is a game of chance and only if you are lucky will you be able to beat the odds of winning. However, people do believe that a following a lottery strategy can increase your chances of winning the big jackpot or at least any one of the lower prizes. The first one you should learn to do is study the particular lottery game you wish to win. The odds are different of each type of game and you should know what they are and how they change for the game you want. It is also a wise lottery strategy to play a game that lets you win an amount that is enough to cover your next bets so that you don’t spend your own money for playing. This means playing those games that pay out a relatively large amount for lower prizes, and those that offer a greater percentage of prizes on pools. Also don’t forget those games that pay out bonuses from time to time.

Knowing the history of how a game has been paying out will allow you to track the game and observe the current trends and patterns. This lottery strategy means not playing instant scratch games and keno games with daily multiple drawings. The current trends and patterns will help you narrow down the numbers you can play to only those numbers with high percentage of being drawn. Go for the hot digits. Learn to spot recurring trends and patterns because if you get them timed right, you could get from good to excellent results. You can do this by tracking the game results back in time and trying to identify similar occurrences to how the game is currently doing. The next step in this lottery strategy is to look forward to the next few games. This will then give you some idea about how the game may come out next. After identifying a trend or pattern, apply it to your current game, observe how it pays out and then bet on it. Remember however that trends and patterns can change quickly.

By Michael Caruana
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