Looking For Romance? Try Internet Bingo

The brick and mortar bingo industry in the UK is in real trouble. The draconian smoking ban, excessive taxation, and the economy have all conspired to cripple the land based bingo industry. Internet bingo is quite another story. The internet bingo industry grew by an astounding 60% in the past year and has defied the global recession. The advent of internet bingo has caused a drastic shift in bingo demographics. The typical internet bingo player is female aged 18-40. The stereotype of the typical bingo player as a senior citizen has been shattered by internet bingo. Female internet bingo players outnumber males 4 to 1.

Many men have taken notice of the new demographics and are playing internet bingo while seeking romance. Almost all internet bingo websites offer chatrooms where players can chat and get to know each other while playing. Many of these chat rooms are adult themed and are quite lively. Some internet bingo websites are taking advantage of the popularity of social networking. Some internet bingo portals have started to offer chat rooms and forums where players can socialize and exchange experiences and stories not necessarily related to bingo.

Many men are taking advantage of the 4 to 1 female to male ratio found on internet bingo sites. Since most internet bingo players play regularly players get to know each other and many of these exchanges have resulted in face to face meetings. Some websites are looking for more ways for players to interact. The possibility of video chats is sure to result in players finding a mutual attraction resulting in romance. Some online bingo sites are starting to attempt to attract more male players.

Many internet bingo sites have used unique marketing techniques to attract new players and retain existing players. Sites are offering ever larger bingo bonuses and other player perks. Most sites offer players a bingo sign up bonus in addition to a bingo deposit bonus. These promotions attract both men and women and many players say they shop around to find the best bingo bonus. Recently an internet bingo portal in the UK was launched and the site targets male bingo players. The sites original slogan is ‘putting the balls back in bingo’ and traffic to the portal is reported to be heavy.

The popularity of internet bingo is growing rapidly and as player numbers increase there will undoubtedly be many tales of bingo sparked romance to tell.

By Anthony Wayne
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