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Live casino roulette is roulette that is quite simply roulette that is played in a casino in live. In otherwords the numbers arent picked by a computer programme. Live casino roulette numbers are generated by an actual roulette wheel that has been spun by a person in a casino with a real roulette ball.

Live casino roulette is found in inland casinos and has now been made very popular in online casinos. Normally in online casinos live casino roulette works by video. A person working in the casino will spin the roulette wheel as normal and players on the online casino site will be able to see the results and bet as if they are there watching on the live camera.

Many players prefer live casino roulette to online normal roulette because they feel that they have better odds. This may possibly be true but the odds are still the same and live casino roulette is much slower than the programmed roulette. The live casino roulette would also tend to have lower table limits and the dealer is changed every so often.

In live casino roulette in online casinos it is also quite popular to have an instant chat board where players can talk to each other and the dealer making it a better experience. Not all online casinos offer live casino roulette but the majority of them do as it is becoming more and more popular with players.

It is also possible to use normal roulette systems with live casinos they would just take a bit longer. If you want to play live casino roulette you will need to download a gambling sites software. once you have installed it all that you need to do is go to live games and live casino roulette will be there. Then just play. My favourite site for live casino roulette would be william hill casino.

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