If you have never heard of this particular way of playing live blackjack then live blackjack TV may surprise you. The actual show is aired on Sky 866 and also on freeview in the United Kingdom to its residents.

The game manages to convert a regular game of blackjack into a multiple playable hand game which for the viewer is interactive on the live blackjack tv channel. Viewers can actually bet on blackjack hands as the live dealer deals the cards out on national television. If a viewer wants to play they need to do a few things first, registering an account with the site hosting the game is essential. The account will also most probably need to be confirmed through clicking some kind of link they will send to you in an email. One signed up and signed in a player may deposit some monies if they wish to play for actual cash. After this it is a case of simpy following the sites links and selecting the live blackjack TV game. A play game window will open up displaying the video footage of the live blackjack TV game, this is also the same live video display shown on television. This means at home you can watch the TV and interact with it through a computer.

If you have played any kind of blackjack game online before then the live blackjack TV console will probably look familiar, first there is the need to choose a chip then bet that chip on a hand. With this game been multi hand there are three possible blackjack hands you can bet on, or if desired two or all three hands. All of this happens within a set time limit, players have a limited amount of time to make up their minds. A countdown timer is shown on the screen so everyone knows how long they have left. There is also a need to take the steps of confirming your bet to ensure you are willingly participating in a gamble.

The dealer then deals out the shuffled cards for you to watch, after the first few cards are out regular blackjack rules apply. Players make their decisions and the dealer continues. Eventually either the dealer or players win, live blackjack TV is as close as could be to actually having you own personal dealer in a casino. Playing the game in this fashion is certainly different and much more fun than virtual world games.

By Craig Walkrowin
Writing about live blackjack tv games at supercasino tv uk and playing them is one of the authors hobbies, please visit the websites links to learn more.