It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

Speedy routine & desire for luxurious lifestyle has somehow wiped out the child in almost every individual around. In the bargain, people forget that the little wonders just want to be themselves-to play, with toys & with their closed ones. If parents care to buy toys for their children, they lack purpose in choosing the appropriate toy for their kids. What kids crave for is not necessarily a healthy option for them. The influence of electronic media is adversely affecting the demand for toys largely. Parents have no control over their children’s wanton amount of time spent watching TV & browsing the Internet- one of the reasons being their lack of time to interact and keep a check on children’s behavior. But lack of awareness about understanding the child’s mind & his needs proves to be another grave reason in shaping a distorted future for the offspring.

Today’s highly competitive world calls for intelligent ways to develop and sharpen a child’s capabilities from the scratch, not just gracing his innocence. The age calls for educational toys and games by and large. With rampant technological surge in almost all the sectors worldwide, educational toys have proven to be updated technically. Suppliers, dealers and retailers play a key role in creating awareness for demand of toys and games that teach something useful to young and old. It is a prime responsibility of the manufacturers, advertisers to promote healthy brainstorming. This is space age where the mass encounters media from all possible sources. Propagating consciousness about choosing suitable toys for kids is at the mercy of the manufacturers, dealers and promoters.

Mind Twisters

In the midst of other attractive toys, educational games and toys have gained importance amongst children. Children as well as adults find such playing tools engaging, exciting. An educational toy is designed in a way to teach children about a certain subject, or help learn a skill while they play. Building toy blocks are very famous. They can create a lot of artifacts out of these blocks such as model automobiles, animal replicas, buildings, railroads and so on. Animal figurines give a visual tidbit to children of 3 years and above, and help them to recognize the feral cult. Robot kits, thematic card games and the popular Rubik’s cube also help in developing memory. Rubik’s cube is known to be the world’s best selling toy. Toy musical instruments like a toy piano and clay-modeling toys imbibe creative skills in children. Besides, thematic playing kits of chefs, doctors, kitchen, commander and mechanics, develop knowledge for various occupations and are activity oriented. If the child has a scientific bend, assorted scientific kits are available that can enhance his technical skills.

Board-games are mostly designed to stimulate the brainpower. A jigsaw puzzle in the form of a map of a particular region can teach geography. Many board games have a strategic significance leading to learning cognitive skills such as perception, memorizing, judgment, and reasoning. Strategic games prove to be a brain tonic for the students, help them further with a sharp memory in their studies. Backgammon, chess, Chinese checkers, mastermind, monopoly, Sudoku and Pachisi are few of the famous fortifying board games. Such board games are known for their beautiful depictions and do not inflame violence in children. However most of the board games give a kick, motivate players to win, which is a healthy habit.

Play with words

Word games are engaging as much as the board games. Scrabble, super scrabble, word Rubik cube and Pictionary are word board games. However manufacturers have innovative ideas to reach out to the children with oodles of variety word games and puzzles in books. Word games influence winning attitude, swiftness in thoughts, a well-developed vocabulary and also excellent language skills. Suppliers and dealers must connect with educational institutions to promote board games and word games. Word board games and books are often given away as prizes and gifts in various organizations besides schools.

Glorifying technology

Mechanization evidently crept into the universities too. Hi-tech computer games are in vogue. If children are fascinated with the computer, give them a flavor of edutainment- brain-twisting adventure games; board games designed for the computer, word games and other memory games. Adventure games are specifically played on the computer, the latest of all. These games are created to develop the player’s strategic, planning, investigation, exploration and interactive skills. Computer games that are exclusively conceived for the educational system add enthusiasm to the learning environment at school and home. Besides, manufacturers require knowing what is going on in the kid’s world, which is the latest cartoon movie that is in. Toys and games that relate with children’s movies attract children tremendously.

Interaction with machines is a trend now a day. Computer games have replaced traditional board games and word games. There is less interaction with mankind now. Since computer games are here to stay, encouraging traditional mind games with a hint of human co-operation from teachers and parents becomes imperative. This can check addiction with computer games too. Moreover, manufacturers and dealers must ensure that computer games must be entirely educational.

Toys for one and all

In India the demand for toys shows a bizarre scenario. Toys, games and other playthings have mostly turned out to be privileged items available to those children whose parents can afford. And if the demands of the offspring are met finally, there seems to be a lack of knowledge as to what kind of toys and games must be bought. Choice of toys and games depends on the age of the child. Also, suppliers of toys must take heed in manufacturing high quality toy products. Toys and games offered at varied price ranges make it easier for the manufacturers to creep into every child’s abode with glee. Importance of offering momentous toys must be felt amid the toy industry producers.

You can’t shun the special children of the society. They too need amusement, though they hardly grab any thought from the rest of the world. Games and toys like picture cards, jigsaw puzzles and other puzzles, shape sorters, pegboards, lacing beads are few of the many toys suitable for special children. Toys that need visualizing are good for children with hearing ailments. Building toys, snap beads, connecting toys, lacing toys, and pegboards are specially recommended for kids who have poor motor skills. A concentrated insight into the requirements of the children can certainly create an organized sector for domestic production of toy goods in India.

Ever thought of eco-friendly toys? Kids are like clay, mould them the right way. Imbibe the value of loving and caring for Mother Nature and the following generation will see a healthy future. Educational toys made from recyclable materials, work on solar power, and which are non-toxic are mainly in demand.

Industry Outline

Today, every nation is asking for quality toy products. For example, the production fallout in China has turned down many international brands. The toys importers from U.S. and U.K. have already started to deviate from the Chinese dominion status over production for branded toys. This in turn is an opportunity for India, another Asian giant, to prove its capabilities in worldwide production. Though India is not a great player in toy industry, it has the potential to compete in terms of dynamics that are essential for an industry to grow. When it comes to skilled manpower, technical know-how, supply of raw materials and economical cost of production, India has a respectful status in global perception. India has already started producing quality toys and games for countries overseas. Since the number of people getting educated is growing, need for education-oriented toys expect maximum focus. Educational toys are gaining momentum from teachers and parents now; hence production for the same will prove beneficial.

The right kind of support from Government can elevate the opportunities. Mandatory standards to maintain ethics is most important for the toy industry to grow here. Also, proper means of campaigning for educational toys will bring the surge in business. More students will engage in playing with edifying games instead of war games. India can’t compromise on quality in regards to toys produced for exports, because it is an important element unavoidable. Moreover, the manufacturers here have to be much more innovative and creative when it comes to designing toys and coming up with new ideas. These factors attract kids’ attention. Intensive market research, proper infrastructure and intelligent investments can further maximize profits in Indian toy industry, plus gain repute and worldwide recognition.

By Minesh Modi
Minesh Modi is editor of Giftsnaccessories Magazine, a division of Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd published from India. Small Business Directory, Gifts, Corporate Gifts