Sic Bo:
Sic Bo is a game played with dice. The game is started by players placing bets on their predictions for the roll of the dice, so far this sounds like craps but this is where any similarity ends. Players can bet on the sum of the dice, the out come of 2 or all 3 of the dice and for all 3 dice to land on the same number. Instead of players taking turns rolling the dice, they are placed on a plate and covered with a plastic bubble top. The dealer then shakes the dice around and then places the plate with top on the table and removes the top for all to see. The dealer then types in the results into a computer and all winners on the table light up.

War is a card game for children. The object of the game is to win all the cards. 2 players split a deck of cards. Without looking at the cards both players flip their top card at the same time. The player who flips over the highest card wins both cards. in the casino version of war each player at the table is dealt a car. If your card is greater then the dealer’s card you win your money back plus 100 percent. If the dealer and a player tie the players can keep half of his wager and go to another round or declare a war. In the player declares war then he must double his original bet. The dealer then deals the player a card and one for the house if the player wins he wins even money of the war bet and keeps half of his original bet. This game is more commonly found in online casinos then in land based casinos.

Penny Slots:
In most casinos today the most inexpensive slot machine you can find will be quarter machines, but if you enjoy playing the slots for the excitement and not for the big payoff then the penny slots may be the game for you. These machines have better odds of winning the big jackpot, but that jackpot is much less then the more expensive machines.

Keno is a very simple game that is offered in almost every casino in the United States and all of the online casinos, but the game is not overly popular. Usually the keno area is a great place to sit for a few minutes and relax since the area is usually empty. Keno is essentially the same as the lottery with a new game starting every 5 minutes. The Keno area is filled with chairs with desks attached like in school. On each desk you will find a box containing a few pencils and the forms for the game. Depending on how much you want to spend depends on how many of the numbers you can pick. The more numbers you pick the more expensive the game and the more you can win.

By Eden Katz
When Eden Katz is not playing Video Poker online she enjoys adding friends to her MySpace page and writing reviews for some of the best online casinos to keep you informed.