The truth is that there is no other casino game than craps that has more slang attached to it than craps. Playing online in your own home, it might seem a little silly to shoot out to the virtual dice, as you might scare the neighbours, but it is a good idea to understand the various terms that come up when you play craps.
The betting terminologies are also pretty colourful in their own right and here is a list of the best known and most often used.
* Place Bets – A place bet is only placed once the point has been determined, and the number permutation bet on is a four, five, six, eight, nine or a ten. Any time that these permutations come up, then those betting on them will win, and if the seven comes up, the bettor will lose.
* Field Bets – A field bet is placed on a single dice role only and on the possibility of a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven or twelve coming up, either before or after the point is made. Some of these permutations pay higher odds, such as two or twelve, which pay three to one.
* Pass Line Bets – You win if the first roll is a natural (7, 11) and lose if it is craps (2, 3, 12). If a point is rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) it must be repeated before a 7 is thrown in order to win. If a 7 is rolled before the point, the player loses.
* Proposition Bets – Proposition bets can be a single roll bet or a continuous bet placed when the point has been made. These bets add a lot of spice to the game, simply because they pay very generous odds.
Anyone who wants to play and win at craps should try and learn how these bets work, and if it is worthwhile to bet on them or not. Each permutation has its pluses and minuses, and it is important to learn them all.
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By David Brett
David Brett is a highly experienced IT professional and a well crapsand play craps marketing consultant who has successfully ranked major websites into leading positions in Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.