Blackjack is very common among all the casino games. Blackjack will be played commonly with 8 deck shoes. As the play continues, cards shall be removed from shoes and get placed in discard pile and creates game history. Many casino games are through random choice, like craps or roulette, in which each roll or spin is independent of last play. When considering blackjack which is discarded and removed from the play, it shall not be seen again after we shuffle the shoe.
Blackjack players who know card counting could take advantage of the game history. In an 8 deck shoes, we know that there will be thirty two aces. If thirty of them are played and discards, there will be only two remaining in shoe. We can adjust the play based on the rest of cards in shoe. Knowing the remaining cards in shoes and adjusting our play is the important part of the game.
Casino dealers should hit at 17 or below. Cards having value of 10 could be detrimental to dealers since they will make bust if they draw one. If blackjack odds which favor the house shift normally will also favor players when it can be 10 times, the value of cards in shoe. With simple techniques for card counting, we can learn tracking the 10 value cards that are remaining in shoe. After realizing the odds, we have changed to our favor; we should increase the bet for taking advantage of the most favorable conditions.
A simple method for card counting system is red seven methods. Red seven counts will be unbalanced, which means that we will need just to keep the running count. We need not require dividing the running count by amount of decks which remain in shoe for getting the actual count. We should keep the running count which is required always. It makes Red seven as best card counting method.
When we start blackjack game after decks get shuffled, we should not reset the running count. The running will begin with value -2 and will be multiplied by amount by decks in shoe. We can choose eight deck shoes, which has initial running count of as -16. Six deck shoes will be -12.
When we play blackjack, cards will be examined and we shall add the points for running count. Cards which have values between 2 and 6 will be considered as +1 point. Cards having values with multiple of 10 or ace will be considered as -1. There are black seven cards (which includes spades and clubs)
When blackjack is played, cards will be examined and points shall be added for running count. Cards having values between 2 and 6 shall be considered as +1 point. Cards having values of 10 or aces shall be considered as -1. There are black seven cards which include spades and clubs which are considered as +1 point whereas even cards, red seven cards as well as 9 cards do not have any value.

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