If you happen to be a beginner in the world of bingo games, you might end up in the middle of a universe filled with confusing Bingo Lingo after entering your choice of bingo rooms out there, whether online or offline. Some of these words might sound very confusing to you because certain bingo players make use of various terms and slang that are exclusive solely to this game. Read on to learn about several of them.

To start, you should know that bingo was actually originally called “Beano” since the cards used were once covered with several dried beans instead of the placements usedtoday. However, one lady got really excited during a game that she ended up shouting “Bingo!” by mistake. This is the moment where history changed and from then on “Bingo” was turned into the phrase used whenever an official win occurs – the very first term in Bingo Lingo, so to speak.

However, Bingo is merely one of the terms used by players during bingo games. Whenever players only have a number left before winning, for instance, they call it a “Set” or say that they are “Waiting”. Therefore, whenever mentions waiting, it doesn’t mean they want the day to end, but merely that they have one number left before they win. Then there is “Ball in Monitor”, which means that the next number on the preview screen would have made a player win if only somebody hadn’t already called out “Bingo”.

Various bingo games actually feature various names that players of the game instantly recognize. “Hardway Bingo” refers to a straight-line game without any free spaces. “Postage Stamp Bingo” refers to a four-number set in each corner. “Picnic Table Bingo”, also called to “Letter X” Bingo, refers to a game where the topmost line of the card plays a role, as well. As for “Jailbar Bingo”, it refers to a player getting O, B, and N lines. A lot of the numbers come with feature nicknames in Bingo Lingo, as well. B-1 is known as the “Little Guy”, while O-75 is known as the “Big Guy”. G-50 is called “Hawaii 5-O”, while O-66 is called “Route 66”. Players actually create various nicknames until they become popular on a very regular basis, come to think of it. One example of this would be G-54, called “Cena’s Number” after John Cena, the WWE superstar who wears that number on WWE and wore the same number during his days of college football.

A lot of people tend to assume that the majority of bingo players are all old ladies who scream out bingo lingo to each other, but the truth is: bingo games are played by people of all ages all around the world, while the slang words are used by such people, as well. Keep an eye and an ear out every time you play bingo games and you are sure to witness all of this in no time at all and get the hang of it in a flash, to boot.

By Aleix Oliver
Aleix Oliver