Slot machine games are one of the most played and popular games in casinos today and been popular since 1980s. Seventy percent of the casino revenues come from the slot machines. Jackpots are offered with very large amounts of million dollars and can be played with simple $3 bet. The game is very progressive in nature and simple to play as little skills are required to play the game. Tips for winning at slots are discussed below.

1. Payouts Knowledge – Try to find out the machines with higher payouts. However the payout percentages can differ from game to game as well as from casino to casino. The player can have the good show if they are well-known to the machines that payout 96 to 98 percent. Information about the best games could be taken from the manager. Various advertisements about machines that help in winning can also help to gather the knowledge about payouts.

2. Bankroll limit- You must know about your bankroll limit. You should play only with the amount you know you can spend on the game. Have control over your funds and play slots with the amount you have kept aside only and not from any credits. Set limit for yourself and make it a habit to walk out when you have reached that limit. This strategy will lead you to take something and if nothing you will lose nothing.

3. First play lesser reels machines- Go for the machines that have lesser number of reels on them, play on them. For example the machines that have reels in number three or four, these machines are easier to understand and the money you will require per spin will also cost you less. It is normally believed that higher stakes machines payouts are also said to be higher, but if they doesn’t suits you according to your budget than you should keep them away. Play only according to your comfort level.

4. Join the casino rewards membership- When you allow the casino to keep track of your play you are offered membership programs or rewards by the casino. This facility is free to join and you will be given free comps and points (even if you don’t win). Through this you can keep track of your budget and can set your limit to gamble.

5. Enhance winning chances by maximizing your bet- Consistently play the maximum bet by playing all the lines on slot machines and enhance your chances of winning. Always keep in mind your bankroll before you go for maximum bet and thus play accordingly.

By Pankaj Gupta
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