The hotels in Las Vegas are what set the city apart. Las Vegas hotels are incredible. They spare no expense in their desire to be the best, most ostentatious modern-day palaces anywhere in the world. Walking down the Las Vegas Strip, one can easily be overwhelmed by all the sounds, smells and architectural innovation on display. Erupting volcanoes, dancing water fountains combining music, lights and water to create breathtaking performances, amazing pyrotechnic displays, and copies of the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Great Pyramids all compete for your attention.

The hotels in Las Vegas have everything. There is world-class entertainment featuring the best singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, magicians, mimes and animal tamers. The food is superb and plentiful. Prepared by chefs recruited from all the continents, the food in many Las Vegas hotels combine fresh nutritious ingredients with innovative cooking technique and fabulous presentation to create gastronomically masterpieces. Each bite pleases the eye and stimulates the palette. Delectable smells and contented smiles fill the dinning areas as guests strengthen themselves for a night of fun in a city that aims to please.

Gambling is the stock in trade of the hotels and many a fortune has been won and lost there. Whatever your game and your level of finance there is a place designed just for you. Slot machines, black jack or baccarat whatever you find clever or pleasurable is available to you in Las Vegas. The wait staff provides service with a smile and keep you well supplied with your favourite beverage as you navigate the casino floor attempting to amass a small fortune, or a large one.

The rooms at Las Vegas hotels are exceptional. Many of them are sound-proofed providing a peaceful respite from the excitement in the casino below. There are floor to ceiling windows offering spectacular views of the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip and the serenity of the desert beyond it. There are huge comfortable beds filled with air, water, feathers or whatever brings you the most comfort. The bathrooms are exceptionally large and feature marble counter-tops, perfectly lit vanities, spacious garden tubs, stimulating Jacuzzis or both if you so desire. The rooms are designed to give you peace of mind as you plan your strategy for attacking the casinos or getting to all the best shows.

Want to experience the pinnacle of service, comfort and entertainment? Visit Las Vegas!

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By Terrance Richardson
I am a higly travelled businessman from London who has decided to share my global adventures with all of you. I offer great travel tips that should be able to help you in a number of ways; information, deals and what to do.