Slots are basically of two types. One is the old slot machines that have 3 or 5 reels. The other is the modern video machines with multiple reels up to even 100 or more. The traditional slots in the casinos in cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are attracting thousands of visitors every day to every casino all over the world. The thrill and excitement that a person obtains while playing in a crowded casino and the ringing of the bell announcing the win could not be described in words but had to be felt in person. All the heads turning around at the ring of the bell in the slot and the congratulations from several unknown persons around the individual would be an out-of-the-world experience.

The classic slots or basic slots would usually have fixed prize money amounts that would depend on the betting amount placed on the slot. The classical slots provide more winning chances than other slot machines but the winning amounts would always be lower. If the classic slots have multiple paylines, then it would be advisable to bet the maximum coins to increase the chances of winning larger prizes.

This pumping of the adrenaline is what had been pulling large crowds at all the casinos in the major gambling centers around the globe. However, the scenario is slowly changing after the online gambling casinos had invaded the Internet and entered all the homes with a computer and an Internet connection. The original slots had been replaced by online slots. The online slots not only have several reels but are also themed with hundreds of variations. As such, now one could play a slot that suits the personal taste or liking. Instead of the simple hearts, aces, and diamonds, the online slots have cartoon characters, famous actors, popular singers, and even political leaders of high standing as the slot symbols.

The older machines with reels would have 3 or 5 paylines. The modern slot machines have paylines ranging from 9 to even 100 for possible winning combinations. The higher betting amount committed by the player, the higher are the chances for more payout. Further, for playing the modern video slot machines, the player would have to as many lines as possible for increasing the chances of winning. The actual credit would vary for each casino and each machine, ranging from $0.01, known as penny slots, to even $100,000 or more for each single credit. The higher credit line machines would normally be in a separate area, with special hosts ensuring that only high-rollers with lot of money play in those slot machines.

By Jacob Dunner
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