Poker playing is one area that isn’t affected by the current economic climate. People will always go out to play the game and there is always someone setting up a game. Currently, poker tournaments are the order of the day and people are making more money and also losing it by being part in these tournaments. People travel for miles or even just as close as a neighbor’s house to be part of the game.

This great demand for poker games has made poker coaching a very lucrative affair. There are many blogs, forums, videos, articles on the Internet and sites that offer you the opportunity to learn the game and even perfect your skills. The lessons given will make you play better, make good decisions when betting and obviously make more money through your winnings. The advantage you have is that you will get to choose who your poke coach will be. Your decision regarding the coach will be determined by his ability to turn amateurs into pros and his reputation among players. During poker training the topics that you will cover will include managing your chips, betting patterns to use, mistakes that are common and how to prevent them, situational betting, making profits, making decisions and exercising patience during a game. Once you have taken in all these, you are on your way to becoming a great poker player.

Another way of learning is through poker mentoring. This involves pairing up an amateur with a pro. You will then be given a list of 20 questions that will show your level of skills and the strengths and weaknesses that you have. These poker lessons are made in such a way that you will deal with your weaknesses. You will have access to video trainers, learning modules, instructional poker videos, quizzes, online poker workshops and even mentoring by a pro player.

Another poker coaching method that is gaining popularity is poker mentoring. What happens is that an amateur poker player is paired up with a winning poker player. The amateur player is then given twenty questions to answer that measure your skill level of the game as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Based on your results, poker lessons are designed for you that will tackle all your problem areas. These poker lessons include interactions with video trainers, learning modules, instructional poker videos, quizzes, online poker workshops and a one on one mentoring course with your champion poker player.

Most of the pokers coaching resources are found online. Numerous websites are now devoted solely to proving coaching on the game of poker. Instructional videos, support groups, mentors, strategy forums on poker playing, online tutors, poker calculators and poker software are now all available on the internet.

By John Anhalt
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