We’ve taken a trio of our fantastic blackjack games to try to discover just what makes them so popular. The authentic gameplay interfaces of these card games are brilliant, while all three are simple enough for anyone, expert or beginner, to get the hang of. Whichever subtle, and not so subtle, variations there may be to the classic blackjack format, the point of the game is as always to reach 21!

Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus

Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus gives you the well-known gameplay of European blackjack but with some additional features that could help you win big. The flame symbol on the right hand side of the table can be used to place an extra bet, to trigger the Hot Streak Bonus. Should you win the hand, your bet increases a level giving you 1.5x your original stake. Win successive hands and this multiplies to 3x and even 6x, however, if you get a losing hand during the streak you also forfeit your Hot Streak bet. For a fiery twist on classic blackjack, Hot Streak is certainly worth a go.

21+3 Blackjack

21+3 brings you two games in one. Just like most blackjack games, you’re playing the dealer to see who can get closest to 21, but 21+3 offers you the opportunity to place an extra bet on a three card poker hand. The three face up cards customarily dealt at the start of a blackjack round form this mini game. How do you win? When these three cards make a classic poker hand! Straight flush, three of a kind or flush are just a few ways to win.

Multi Hand Blackjack with 1000x Bonus

Why play just one blackjack hand when you can play three at once! It also means three opportunities to win, as you can pit multiple but separate sets of cards against the dealer in Multi-hand Blackjack. You might even earn up to an incredible 1000x with a bonus bet!

There are an abundance of online blackjack games available at Kerching so why not come along and give them a go!

By Marcus Miles
Marcus Miles is an online casino expert who writes on behalf of theEword for several sites including http://www.Kerching.com.