November 24, 2010
How to Win Keno
You Deserve a Win!
Keno is one of those fun games in a lot of lottery outlets. You either understand how to play it or not. Those who know how to play are very happy. It is a fast paced game. Most Keno Lottery games will fall within numbers 1 through 80. You win between two and ten numbers. Most of our readers understanding that we are sensitive to odds. We like 4 and 7 numbers selection. You have the choice of how many Keno Lottery numbers to pick.
The Keno numbers below are mathematically set to catch the numbers. Let us throw out one challenge to all our readers. Write the numbers below down. Go to your favorite Keno Lottery outlet and watch the results against those numbers.
For those who like to check from the comfort of their own homes, go on line and check the Keno Lottery results of your home state. Go as far back as you can and check the numbers below. Run them through one hour result period or whatever suits your fancy.
We put the numbers in front of the whole world to judge how good our system is. We are yet to see other lottery sites do the same. Most will ask you to buy software. There is no lottery software that works.
Check to see the frequency of the Keno Lottery results against what we are giving you.
65 02 70 77
58 50 18 56 20 75
71 72 10 67 65 22 77 60
11 41

We have done the home work for you. Due to so many demands from our readers, we might be releasing the magazine before the books. We will be making announcements not very long henceforth. Those who look at winning numbers every day grab your copy as soon it comes out. All our products will be reasonably priced. We want to give every reader the opportunity to join the elite few who make consistent money through the lottery.
Logical axiom is not enough. Your goal should always be to operate outside the realms. You need tools to attain that mastery. Grab your copy as soon as we make the announcement.
If you like our predictions so far, imagine what will be in the premium content.
It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

By Chairman