It seems that the Manchester United players celebrated their recent successes with a night out at their local casino, although it is unclear whether any of the high rollers of the football pitch managed to beat the house.

Yes, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Carlos Tevez et al, as well as wives and girlfriends, hit the luxurious Manchester 235 casino, hiring out the VIP room to party into the small hours.

It was reported, by The Sun, that the stars did indulge themselves on the tables, placing bets into the thousands ( £100,000 between those that were there), although any successes or failures on the tables have not been revealed.

There was plenty of revelry going on, as you might expect for a team that has won their tenth Premier League title in 16 years, but Cristiano Ronaldo was a notable absentee as he preferred to hit the dance floor at the exclusive Circle Club, along with compatriot Nani.

It would seem that the club as a whole has embraced the casino culture as they have now launched their brand new official online casino – Manchester United casino.

One of the games on offer is called Keno and is quite strange to say the least. Whereas some casino games such as blackjack and roulette are as simple as they come, Keno is a little more obscure.

There is no real strategy to it and it should not be a casino game that you should take too seriously as it is a game based purely on luck.

That of course does not mean you cannot have fun playing it and the rules are pretty easy to understand – as there are not too many at all – and it can be enjoyed by beginners or seasoned-veterans alike.

Keno is kind of like a cross between the lottery and bingo and is one of the oldest casino games around – originating in China as long ago as 187 B.C., before Chinese immigrants took the game to America in the 19th century.

The rules are simple – there are 80 balls numbered one to 80 and players bet on which numbers are going to be drawn – selecting between 1 and 20 numbers.

By David Field
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