Yanbian in Jilin Province this month to reopen the border to go to Vladivostok tour project can be a simple procedure to have ID cards make the trip???

Earlier this month, re-opening of the border tour project in Jilin Province, and the restoration of off-site accreditation, Russia became the most popular outbound travel Travel One of the lines. However, it will attract tourists to Russia is not the pure exotic beauty, but also where the casino.

Yesterday, the reporter went to the Korean Autonomous Prefecture, in some unannounced visits to travel agents found that the actual strength of several local travel agencies can apply to North Korea, Russia, tourism projects, and very popular.

See a reporter asked whether North Korea visit the world famous King’s Casino, the staff of a travel agency, said King’s Hotel has been removed gambling paraphernalia, now only as the only North Korea Five Star Class hotels opening up, the hotel where you can stay, eat, watch dance performances, but not to open casinos, “is estimated will never have.” At first, most visitors stay Letters to gambling, since the casino closed, the few people willing to live in another expensive hotel, so basically no one application.

See journalists on the casino name, the staff member said that at present more tourists are going to visit Russia, Vladivostok 3, the local casino has been opened in Vladivostok. Moreover, where the casino more than a lot of the hotel are equipped with the gamble, if tourists want to play casually in a hotel will be able to gamble, and what forms are, like how to play will do. In addition to the Russian tourist procedures are very simple, there are ID cards can be.

When asked “to play there were many Chinese people”, a staff member said: “The more, because North Korea has stopped, so many people go there.”

Interview, the reporter learned that, at present, above the county level in Jilin Province on the Vice Leadership Outbound tourism cadres were indeed more stringent review, you must fill in the civil service overseas travel approval form and signed and sealed, but the deputy at the county level for the following civil service outbound, currently there is no limit, just to show ID cards can easily exit.

News Background Betting operation, “King” ceased In line with the Ministry of Public Security

special campaign against gambling, this year on January 14, Yanbian border consolidation of emergency travel, the travel agency business and leisure travel Advertisement Publicity be stopped, went to the Korean Emperor casino gambling tours was officially halted. The next day, opened five years, has been booming in Korea, “King’s Entertainment Center” closure.

In February this year, Ministry of Public Security A-warrant was wanted for major criminal suspects were arrested Cai Hao-wen. February 2004 to November, Cai Hao-wen Yanbian traffic in any Transport Management Director during the embezzlement of 350 million yuan, 27 times to the “Emperor Entertainment Center” to participate in gambling, the public money squandered.

Katyusha Russian style tour recall

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