Bingo and online bingo has become one of the most popular gambling games ever, and is constantly spreading and attracting more and more players throughout the world. Bingo is played mostly because of the fun and relaxation element that comes with this ‘money making’ game, so it seems even the wealthiest of people like to play due to the pure satisfaction of having a fun and exciting hobby.

Because bingo is being played by so many people the game is now becoming somewhat mutated into different forms and being played in many different ways throughout the world, in places such as New Zealand, Australia, America and Japan. In Japan bingo is played by mainly the same demographic. Women are the most common players of bingo and it is often played as a fun hobby rather than a way to make more money. In Japan bingo is often played differently as well, they like to play 75 ball bingo, much like they play in America, but they also like to play 90 ball bingo. Bingo is played both online and in land based halls where the Japanese go to play and socialise with each other. Online bingo halls have also catered for the Japanese language, making many bingo chat rooms able to display the Japanese characters on screen so that Japanese people can talk and socialise effectively. This form of playing 90 ball and 75 ball bingo is also played in the UK, with online bingo becoming the new and improved way to play the sociable game.

All in all much like the UK players, every player from around the world prefers to play because of the social aspect, as there are so many people playing online, they are generally not all skilled players and instead play for the pure enjoyment of relying on how lucky they may be, whilst meeting and chatting to many different players from around the world.

By Hans Mercy
Not many people may know that bingo is played in Japan or even that much in the USA. However, with the introduction of online bingo, this has spread to people all over the world!