Kings Club Poker proves itself as the world’s fastest growing online gaming site with a big-time poker bonanza also known as Bad Beat Jackpot

(City, Country) – February 28th, 2009 – Another opportunity to earn tons of cash with Kings Club Poker Room is being presented to fans and followers of the exciting card game. As usual, it is a jackpot that is open to every poker player or visitor to Kings Club Online Poker Room.

“There are many reasons why poker players and visitors to Kings Club Poker will keep increasing every day,” says (Name Surname). “It is because of the unrivalled, unequalled and unparalleled platform offerings made available by our online gaming room.”

In addition to the other varieties of poker games offered by Kings Club Poker such as Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, Omaha and its sub-sets; the online gaming room is a regular host of the highly entertaining jackpot called Bad Beat Jackpot.

As one of the members of Merge Gaming Network, Kings Club Poker is known among professional poker players as one of the best sites to earn a great deal of cash through competitions such as the Bad Beat Jackpot where prizes range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Given the nature of the game, most contestants of past Bad Beat Jackpot editions usually go for their chance through online poker rooms that they are well attuned to.

Therefore, for poker players who are now familiar with the ease and friendliness of Kings Club Poker always prefer to play their spot for the Bad Beat Jackpot through the site’s gaming platform.

Bad Beat Jackpot has a good history of surprising both contestants and organizers of the poker event with the size of the prize as well as the manner of wins.

With the number of participating poker rooms being increased with each succeeding jackpot, Kings Club Poker remains a highly placed site on the list of where to play the partially luck-dependent game which offers blinds usually starting from 50 cents and a dollar.

These amounts are seeded from all the pots on the Bad Beat table listings while pay outs vary according to the quality of a player’s hand. The jackpot is opened to residents of the United States and every player around the world.

The Administrator of Merge Gaming Network, (Name, Surname) makes the case for one of the preferred gaming rooms online: “Kings Club Poker will always remain as one of our best picks for Bad Beat Jackpot because of the kind of gaming software and services provided for their new, existing and exclusive players.”

Indeed, no where else will poker players find the type of platform availed to participants and patrons of Kings Club Poker who also wish to be a part of the cash hauls offered by Bad Beat Jackpot.

“It’s a win-win situation for us at Kings Club Poker and our esteemed customers and the best part is that they are fully aware of this truth,” (Name Surname) concludes.

By Robert King
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