Poker players are often very picky about how they want to play, and also, who they want to play with during tournament or regular play. This does not mean they only have a few people they want to play with, but they do want to people sitting across from them that are near them in skill level, and also, who have the same sense of seriousness or perhaps playfulness about the game. This is why it is hard to pinpoint on top online poker site. With so many wanting something different, the answer or choice would be different for different players. However, there are some sites that seem to come out on top of many different listings of the best sites, and those might be great places for a new player to start.

Some sites that a new or even a seasoned player might want to check out first might be Party Poker, Poker Paradise, or Bodog Poker. These seem to be very large sites that consistently have great ratings and great bonus offers for new and loyal players. These might not work for everyone however, and that means a little more searching is in order. Many sites list top ten and top twenty listings of such sites, so that can help someone widen their choices. Some have player reviews as well, and these can be very helpful in understand how well a site works and what the benefits of playing poker there might be.

When considering a top online poker site, a player has to decide what they are looking for and what they expect when they play. Some sites have tournaments quite often, and if a player loves tournament play, this might be a huge bonus for them. They might also want to see how available seats are for poker sessions are, and if they have to wait very long before they can play. Bandwidth is an issue, as well as how many times play might be interrupted. One great thing about playing online is that there are hundreds of options, and if a player is not happy with a site, they can simply move on to another.

By Itay Paz
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