Everybody heard about poker. It’s a very famous card game, maybe the most famous. Some people think poker is a gamble. Other think – it’s not. They consider poker as a kind of business. Who is right and who is wrong? Let’s find out.

First of all I must tell that I will write about poker players who are 20 or older. Poker before 18 is awful and I do not advise young guys to play poker.

Try to ask your mother about poker. She will tell you that poker is evil. She will never allow you to play real money poker because she thinks it’s a gamble. Why do adult people think so? Why do they think that poker is dangerous? Maybe they have never played poker seriously? Or they do not want to have a gambler in a family? Your mother will be of course right. She afraid you can become poker addict. But why must it happen? A lot of people play poker and feel good.

On the other side we can see many professional poker players. They play serious poker. They know poker mathematics and different poker strategies. They usually tell us that poker is a kind of business. And almost everyone can reach success in poker. But why so many people loose their money?

I think the answer is somewhere between. Poker is not a gamble. You can play poker good and win because you have a strategy and knowledge. But your success also depends on your luck and skill. You can be a good player but still loose money. To become a professional player you need to make poker YOUR business. Let other people think it’s a gamble. They will lose their money to you. Do not let poker to be a gamble for you. If you play and think it’s a gamble you will loose in the end. Trust me. I am administrator of HighPokerPulse.com and I know many poker players. Some are successful others are not. To become a poker professional you will have to work hard. It’s like in any other business. People always think that poker can make them rich in a short period of time. And they are wrong! When you open a new business, for example a shop, you do not expect to become the richest man on the earth in a couple of months. But many poker players do expect. And they lose. That’s why so many people consider poker as a true gamble.

The only thing I want to say in the end: do everything seriously. Ignorance can kill your poker bankroll.

By Ivan Bond
Ivan Bond, administator of HighPokerPulse.com We offer best poker rakeback, freerolls and VIP promotions. Become the best poker player!