When you think of a typical bingo player what springs to mind? I’d bet my last pound that you are not thinking of a person of unbelievable mental ability sitting down with their finger hovering over their mouse waiting for their numbers to come up! I would bet however that the image that does spring to mind would be that of an old age pensioner sitting in a grim bingo hall with a handful of bingo cards?

It’s a well known fact that this stereotype is now a thing of the past as now, people of all shapes, sizes and nationality take pleasure in the land based bingo game, and in recent time’s online bingo.

Recent studies have shown that online bingo has a positive effect on the brains development and can also improve the mental capacity of the player. This is great news for bingo junkies as they can now feel happy about the fact that they are playing bingo, socialising with friends and giving their brain the workout all at the same time.

The tests were conducted over a prolonged period of time to give unbiased and precise results. The results showed that those who played online bingo enhanced their memory and were able to retain more brain functionality compared to those who did not play online bingo.

The studies also proved that online bingo players could focus more when tackling issues and were able to complete tasks a lot more efficiently than the participants who didn’t play online bingo. The studies were principally based on an older age bracket; however it is believed that the younger generation could still benefit from the mental stimulation provided by playing online bingo.

An excellent way to keep your brain functioning at optimum level is to keep it active. Online bingo keeps the brain active as it requires the brain to perform multiple processes. When playing online bingo you have to execute a multitude of tasks simultaneously. All players must be alert for the duration of the game to ensure they don’t miss their opportunity winning. This is the chief reason behind online bingo keeping the mind sharp and alert.

The research was carried out on a base of 112 people with an age range of 18 -82. The participants were broken in to two groups, half played online bingo and the other half remained inactive. The results were irrefutable and showed that those playing online bingo were far more accurate when undergoing a mental examination in comparison to the participants who were passive.

When the findings were compared it was evident that the age groups divide had minimal effect on the outcome, and in some cases the old outsmarted the younger participants. The research did illustrate that the younger players were almost always faster to act but not always as accurate. Although there were discrepancies in the results it was conclusive that online bingo had a positive affect on the brain.

There are other methods in which to keep the mind sharp, but they are unlikely to be as amusing and profitable as online bingo.

Now that you are aware that online bingo is an equivalent of training your brain, you won’t feel as guilty being glued in front of your computer screen for hours on end.

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By Erim Jones
Content Writer