The exciting game of Bingo has been around for quite a long time. It has held the reputation of being primarily a woman’s game. Nobody enforced this nor made it an official rule that only women can play Bingo. It just got the status of being a woman’s game as more women seemed to gather in bingo halls on a regular basis. Bingo was introduced by a man but was taken over by women in popularity. This has been changing in recent years with the advent of online bingo.

Bingo is almost an official game for women when it comes to friends getting together. That does not mean that men do not participate. You can go to any bingo hall to find several men in the crowd. However, for some reason, playing the game online seems to have caught up more among men. It lets them enjoy what they like as well as stay away from any arguments that they are playing a woman’s game. There are several other reasons as well.

Work hours may clash with the peak times of games in bingo halls. People may not be free from their jobs until late in the evening. No one would have the energy or the time to get off the bed and drive to a Bingo hall instead of taking some rest. It would be a lot easier to lie down and turn on the laptop to get to their favourite bingo website.

Bingo websites are available for 24 hour game play. Men are drawn in on these websites just because of the fact that a lot of the game rooms could be found to be full of women. It allows them the chance to meet new people who share at least one common interest in bingo. Bingo websites promotes social networking and there have been cases of people meeting in such game rooms available online. These are just a few of the reasons why bingo is not and should not be restricted to women. It should be considered a game and a way to earn some money rather than biasing it based on gender.

By Christopher Chesters
Bingo has mainly been popular with women especially within bingo halls. However, with the new trend of online bingo, there is a growing number of males that also play the game.