Internet Bingo Keeps on Growing Despite Recession

The past few years have not been good ones for the brick and mortar bingo industry in the UK. `The passage of the unpopular national smoking ban and a drastic rise in taxation combined to cause economic turmoil throughout the UK bingo industry. Bingo is now the most highly taxed form of gambling in the UK and despite the recent lowering of the tax rate by 2% the land based bingo industry remains economically strapped. The global recession has also adversely affected the bingo industry as people look for inexpensive entertainment.

The internet bingo industry has benefited from the troubles of land based bingo and a recent report by the UK Gambling commission stated that internet bingo sales have increased 4.6% during the past year. The recent boom in the internet bingo industry shows no signs of slowing down and internet bingo sites are engaged in fierce competition for players. Bonuses and jackpots that would have been unheard of just a few years ago are now the norm. Jackpots of Ã

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