Time to time i asked about instruction for gambling on online casino here you can find the most FAQ that give you more information and cover lot of information regard online gambling

1.Are Online Casinos on internet safe place?

The majority of online casinos are regulated but some of them are not.to be on the safe side where to playing at online casino you should to check where the casino licsenced if you not find licensing information on site don’t waste your time and move on. another option is to find more information via the internet what player can say a bout these online casino.

2.Are Online Casinos offer fair games?

On most cases online casinos offer fair games becuse the fact that they are intrested to keeping their players,online casino don’t offer any entertainment such as: show,dining etc.. the main efford is to retain their players by offering very high payout percentages on their games,one of the fact that know by independent auditor that at online casino games the players wining between 10% to 15% more then rest of the traditional casinos such as:atlantic citi or las vegas.

3.Are Online Casinos legal?…Can I play it ?

Depending where you live, every state and every country has diffrent laws

the most casinos accepted player all over the countries but the recommand that the player will check the law in his jurisdiction there are different laws in each state and country the casinos not checked up on players,the players responsbility to check the laws on his area and make an educated decision.

4.Is it safe to providing my credit card information online?

Yes.Today the most online casinos use SSL(secure soket layer) technology for securing transaction server and encryption technology for data transfer.the secure online credit card system is completly secure,fast and user friendly.currently with the modern technology for credit card system it is safer than using your creditcard at your local gas station or when you ordering a pizza over the telephone.

5.Can I Play at online casino for fun?

Yes,Most of the online casinos offer free games for fun on their software.when the player visit on online casino site he will be asked if he want to play for free or for real money.the free option is usually wite no time limit.

6.Do I have to download casino software in order to play online?

No.Currently most of online casinos offer two version of their software,download casino and the instant play (base on flash).the download version is the completly software that providing to the player the entire features and luxuries and of course stable games.the flash version(instant play option)casino depends on Internet connection is often less stable and given less feature and less casino games option then downloaded software.

7.How fast can i begin playing after dwonloading the casino software?

Instantly.all this procedure takes approximated 5 minute no more.On the first stage the player download the casino software which typically be taken one minutes,the second stage the player shoukd providing information and creat account to sign up as player after that if the player playing for free he can instandly to play if the player playing on real money he will can starting to play immidiatly after he make his first deposit.

8.Where are online casinos licensed and regulated?

Online casinos are licensed all over the world. The UK is currently the biggest country that licenses and regulates online casinos. The UK offers licensing for online casinos, Antigua, The Isle of Man, Bermuda, and several other countries license the casinos. The regulations also are imposed per country. the player need to meet names such as : Gibraltar,Kahnawake,Netherlands Antilles(curacao),Austrailia,Costa Rica,Malta.if you not find licensing information on site don’t waste your time and move on.

9.problem with online casino what i should to do?

Most new players will get slightly confused on withdrawing policies, depositing policies, bonus wagering requirements, etc. These issues are normally resolved with a simple phone call to a particular casino’s customer support, or via email or toll free telephone. If major issues occur, like if a player has exhausted all in-house customer service policies and is still not satisfied, they can contact the eCogra, the independent online casino auditors, or they can contact Casino meister, the most famous player affiliate who helps settle disputes between online casinos and players.

?10.How long time I get my money when I want to cash out my account?

This depends mainly on the method from which you choose to withdraw your winnings. Most the entier methods usually take between 3-5 business days, as they are simply transfers from one bank acoount to the other and the casino as well as the bank must process these withdrawals. Checks typically take between 1-3 weeks.

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