The state of North Dakota is situated in the very mid west of the United States of America. Although North Dakota is the nineteenth largest state in terms of area, it is one of the smallest in the United States in terms of population, with numbers totaling around six hundred and fifty thousand. This is an amazing number especially in comparison to other states where large cities have populations larger than the entire state of North Dakota. However given that much of the industry in North Dakota is related to agriculture this low population leaves a lot of extra space for the growth of crops. North Dakota shares its borders with Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Agriculture is not only the principal source of income for North Dakota, it is also a very big part of its culture, North Dakotans are very close to the land they live on. Food processing and petroleum processing are the secondary industries of the state. Like many of the other mid west states per capita income is way below the national average and with no new industries on the horizon, the prospects for South Dakotans seem limited. The states conservative viewpoint towards gambling is gradually taking a more positive course and over the last ten years or so, the industry has expanded in the state, but some say not quickly enough and without providing sufficient opportunities for live casino gambling.

Gambling was made legal in North Dakota more than thirty years ago, and has expanded obviously in keeping with the demand of the state

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